Shariah-compliant community sharing programme for your medical bills


Democratising The Healthcare Industry in Malaysia

healthcare programme

We bring you peace of mind through affordable healthcare by sharing your medical bills with the community

Programme Benefits

Accidental Medical Bills


RM20,000 accidental medical bills eligible for sharing for the first 60 days

RM1 Million Medical Bills


RM1 million medical bills, including accidental, are eligible for sharing

200 Panel Hospitals


More than 200-panel hospitals, including Sabah & Sarawak

Cancer Treatment and Kidney Dialysis


A maximum of RM100,000 for outpatient cancer treatment and kidney dialysis is eligible for sharing per lifetime

Organ Transplant



A maximum of RM20,000 organ transplant for members as the Donee per lifetime

Death Beneficiaries Support



RM5,000 of Death Beneficiaries Support (Khairat Kematian)

Ambulance Services

Death Services


A maximum of RM250 ambulance services for emergencies

Hospital Room and Board



A maximum of RM150 per day for hospital room and board

Second Surgical Opinion



One time, as charged for advice received 60-days preceding confinement/admission.

Lyndung Special Benefits

Mental Health Well-being


We care about your mental well-being! Get a one-time free session with SAPOT, a team of trained mental health survivors partnered with Lyndung

Comprehensive Optical Benefits


Get a comprehensive optical benefits for you and your family. Enjoy discounts and services at an affordable price with AVO

Who is eligible to apply?

eligible lyndung

Any Malaysians between the ages of 18 - 40 years old without any pre-existing illness

Share less with Lyndung Community

financial burdens

Say Goodbye to your financial burdens and contribute less than RM50 a month ...

lyndung cases

Sharing contribution will be deducted from your pocket on the 25th of the month once Community Sharing Cases are published ....

financial burdens

Being healthy is the key. Share nothing when no members are hospitalised ....


Sharing contribution is safely guarded by reputable Islamic trustee, AWARIS

How to share?

Sharing only happens when community members are in need of medical attention. Let us help you to visualise the process


Assuming total hospital bills for the month are RM20,000 with 2,000 members. The bills will be shared equally among members


In this example, RM20,000 medical bills are divided by 2000 members, and each member must contribute RM10


RM10 will be deducted from members' pockets on the 25th of the month

What if the sharing contribution exceeds RM50 in a month?

forward bills

If the sharing contribution exceeds RM50, the balance of the contribution will be carried forward to the following month(s)

How do I ensure my contribution is continuous?

forward bills

To ensure a continuous contribution and maintain 'Active' status, all you need to do is top-up your pocket balance back to RM100 once your sharing contribution balance is less or equal to RM50 and update your monthly/annual membership fee

Shariah Compliance Certificate

Lyndung has been awarded a Shariah compliance certificate by Tawafuq Consultancy for Lyndung Community Sharing Programme on 1st December 2022