Frequently Asked Questions

Lyndung is a community sharing programme where Members (members of the community) will help each other by sharing their medical expenses equally. This Programme is administered by Lyndung Sdn. Bhd.

No, we are not an insurance/takaful company and we do not offer any insurance/takaful products. However, Lyndung provides a community sharing platform that assists members in sharing their medical bills.

Upon joining the Programme, participants will contribute RM100 of Initial Sharing Contribution aside from membership fees. In the event that Lyndung’s member requires medical attention, the bill will be shared equally among all members.

For Example, if there are 2,000 active members and the medical bills are RM10,000, each member will be contributing RM5 to cover the medical bills. So this RM5 will be deducted from the Initial Sharing Contribution paid during the registration.

Contribution made by active members to cover the medical bills borne by a member in the community conforms with Tabarru’ principle.

If you are eligible to participate in this Programme, you can sign up to become a member. You are encouraged to ensure that your Sharing Contribution is always sufficient and you continue to be an Active Member by paying the Monthly/Annual membership fee.

By joining this Programme, the member has agreed to appoint Lyndung as the Administrator to manage the Sharing Contribution Pool on behalf of the members.

The membership fee is RM10 per month or RM120 per year. Members will appoint Lyndung as their administrator to manage Sharing Contribution Pool on behalf of the members and Lyndung earns management fees based on service rendered.

On top of this amount, you need to pay RM100 for an Initial Sharing Contribution during the registration. This process, however, may include the payment gateway fee (if any).

Aside from membership fees and Initial Sharing Contributions, you will also be charged payment gateway fees during the registration. The payment gateway fees, however, may vary based on your chosen membership mode and payment method. You are estimated to save more than RM25 if you choose the annual mode.

The monthly sharing contributions are capped at a maximum of RM50 (if any). If the monthly sharing amount exceeds RM50, it will be carried forward to the following month(s).

This Programme is currently open to all Malaysians aged 18 to 40 by the age of the last birthday without any pre-existing illnesses.

Benefits of Lyndung community sharing programme:-

  1. Low membership fee with only RM10 per month or RM120 annually.
  2. Community members will crowd share the actual medical bills of the unfortunate community members.
  3. Hospitalisation, including medical evaluation and claim audit from a reputable Third Party Administrator company, Eximius Medical Administration Sdn. Bhd. with a 24-hours careline.
  4. More than 200-panel hospitals, including Sabah & Sarawak.
  5. The Sharing Contribution is managed by Amanah Warisan Berhad (AWARIS), an Islamic trustee company.
  6. Community members have a chance to continuously perform good deeds by helping members in need of medical treatment.
  7. Lyndung is a fully digital community sharing platform.

Unfortunately, you cannot register your dependents for this Programme. However, you can always refer Lyndung to your eligible family members and friends. For each successful referral, you will receive RM10 as a reward.

No. You will remain as a member as long as your membership is active, you can continue sharing with the community as stated in the Programme Guideline and do not withdraw from the Programme.

The membership fee will be the revenue of Lyndung Sdn. Bhd as the Administrator of the Programme. While the Sharing Contribution, which belongs to the members, will be deposited to a trust account managed by the appointed trustee. The funds from the trust account will be used to pay for the actual medical bills. The details of the medical bills are published on the Lyndung Dashboard, excluding members' sensitive information.

The Medical Bills history can be viewed on the member’s profile by clicking Profile button on the navigation bars.

Only Eligible Medical Expenses are eligible for sharing. You may refer to our Programme Guideline for further information.

You may withdraw from the Programme at any time without any pressure. To withdraw from the Programme, you must click the system's Retreat button. The withdrawal process would take 26 days, and member status would remain active until the end of the 26th day.

If you have been withdrawn/suspended/blacklisted, you may rejoin the Programme as you wish through the system. However, rejoining is subject to the Administrator's approval.

You may get your refund after withdrawing/suspended/ blacklisted from the Programme. However, only available balances from your Sharing Contribution are eligible for a refund.

Yes. You must go through all the necessary eKYC steps during the onboarding session handled by CTOS Data Systems Sdn. Bhd. Our eKYC partner has gone through a technology validation from Bank Negara Malaysia.

Yes. You can still join the Programme. By joining this Community Sharing Programme, you will have the chance to contribute to helping the community members who are in need.

Yes, we have received our Shariah certificate on 1 December 2022 fom Tawafuq Consultancy Sdn. Bhd., With this, Lyndung is now a Shariah-compliant community sharing programme for medical bills.

No. Lyndung and i-Lindung are two different entities providing two different products and services. i-Lindung is a service provided by Employees Provident Fund (EPF); meanwhile, Lyndung is a subsidiary under iSaham Sdn. Bhd. providing a community sharing platform for medical bills.

Please note that Lyndung and i-Lindung are not related to each other.

Lyndung is currently not regulated or licensed under BNM or is bound to any law and regulations in Malaysia. This is due to Lyndung’s current solution does not constitute the carrying on of insurance or takaful business as defined under the Financial Services Act 2013 (FSA) and the Islamic Financial Services Act 2013 (IFSA).There is no contractual obligation for Lyndung to honour claims or guarantee members' contributions as this Programme applies a community-sharing concept, unlike any other insurance or takaful providers. While the insurance company pays the claim of the medical bill, the community sharing programme is different as the claim is not borne by the Administrator but is shared equally among the community members.

To maintain a seamless operation, Lyndung will collect RM100 as the Initial Sharing Contribution from customers during the registration process. In the event that any Lyndung member is admitted to a hospital, their monthly sharing amount will be deducted from their Initial Sharing Contribution.

Customers' experience would be similar to the conventional medical card. For instance, a member who is in need of medical attention can visit the hospital and show his/her MyKad and Lyndung e-card. The hospital will contact our TPA for verification. Once verified, TPA will issue an initial guarantee letter (GL), and he/she will then receive the treatment needed.