Terms of Services

The terms "Lyndung", "We", and “Us” under these Terms of Services relate to Lyndung Sdn. Bhd. The terms “You” and “Your” relate to the user(s) of this website.

The following Terms of Services give you access to Lyndung Sdn. Bhd.’s website and services. By accessing this website and/or utilising any of the given services, you have unconditionally agreed to be bound by these Terms of Services. If you disagree with the Terms of Services, you are strictly not permitted to use the website or participate in the Lyndung Community Sharing Programme (“the Programme”).

We may occasionally update the Terms of Services. Any amendments made will be notified through the Lyndung website. The revised Terms of Services are considered final.

1. Condition of Use

1.1. Access to this website and the Programme is always subject to Lyndung’s Programme Guidelines and all applicable laws, regulations and statutes of Malaysia.

1.2. The content of this website is not an invitation to a contract. Members will receive a legally binding and enforceable agreement upon signing up for the Programme.

1.3. This website's content is not intended for dissemination or use in any jurisdiction or country where doing so would be illegal or contrary to the regulation (i.e. without prior written consent from Lyndung).

1.4. By using this website, you agree not to abuse or misuse it or the Programme in any manners, such as assisting someone in hacking or gaining unauthorised access or interfering with the access and usage of the others.

1.5. This Programme applies the Wakalah (Agency) concept. By accepting this Term of Services, you agree to appoint Lyndung to act on your behalf to invest and manage the fund.

2. Warranty and Liabilities

2.1. Lyndung makes no warranties or claims regarding the accuracy, adequacy, or completeness of the content on this website, whilst we shall take whatever necessary steps to guarantee the accuracy of this website. However, the use of information on this website is at your own risk.

2.2. Lyndung may provide links to external websites that are not within our control but have safely gone through with our checking. We offer no representations or warranties and assume no liability or responsibility for the content, opinions, products, or services of these websites. Your access to the linked websites is at your own risk.

2.3. Lyndung is not responsible and/or guarantees nor warranty that this website or any of the content is free from any viruses or malware. We shall not be liable for your access to the website or any downloads from the website.

2.4. Lyndung shall not be held liable for any damages, losses, or causes of action that exceed the amount paid by you for or during accessing the website or apps solely to the extent of relevant regulation stated in the Programme Guidelines and Members Manual except in the event of Lyndung misconduct, negligence or breach of specified terms that results in damages and losses mentioned herein.

3. Intellectual Assets

This website and the Programme are owned and administered by Lyndung. All trademarks, copyrights, logos and other intellectual assets featured on this website are the property of Lyndung Sdn. Bhd. The use, downloading, duplication or alteration of these intellectual assets is restricted to personal use only. However, all copyrights and notices must remain unchanged on any content that is used herein.

4. Links and Third Party Content

Links and content from the third parties are provided for your convenience and information only. Links leading to the websites operated by third parties are not controlled by Lyndung. Therefore, we are not responsible for the websites' contents and their opinions do not represent Lyndung as an organisation.

These links are not endorsements, invitations, offers or advertisements for the linked website. When browsing or using the attached links, you do so at your own risk. We are not responsible for any damages related to the links.

5. Sharing Contribution and Fees

The Sharing Contribution made by members will be regarded as Tabarru’ which will be used for mutual aid and assistance among fellow members. The Lyndung Membership fees are separated into two categories i.e monthly and annually. All membership fees collected are utilised as Wakalah fees to cover the management expenses and expenses incurred during the hospitalisation process, such as Third Party Administrator (TPA) and eKYC for Lyndung.

Each member is responsible for all costs associated with Lyndung Community Sharing Contributions including gateway fees and any applicable taxes levied by the Government of Malaysia, such as Government Service Tax.

Lyndung reserves all rights to amend the Annual Membership Fee and/or impose an additional fee such as payment gateway fee as it deems fit, necessary and reasonable which the amendment would be informed to prior imposition and mutual consent by both parties. The membership fees will be imposed on Wakalah bil Ujrah principle whereby member will appoint Lyndung as their agent to manage the Sharing Contribution Pool and Lyndung earns Membership fees based on service rendered.