About Us

The Institute for Public Health 2020 reported that about 43% of Malaysians could not afford medical protection. The double-digit percentage has inspired the establishment of Lyndung Sdn. Bhd. (1454883-V), a community sharing programme for medical bills. The programme was founded in the hope of helping underprivileged Malaysians to lessen their burden and make healthcare facilities more accessible and affordable.

Lyndung Sdn Bhd (1454883-V) was incorporated on 14 March 2022 as a part of a subsidiary of iSaham Sdn. Bhd. (1257515-W), a technology company founded in 2017, providing a one-stop center solution for investors and traders to perform stock market analytics.

Lyndung as the Administrator of the Lyndung Community Sharing Programme, highly encouraged the members to commit to kindness and maintain integrity in the programme. All members will join hands to help each other by sharing their medical bill expenses when any of the community members are in need of medical care. Lyndung encourages all members to be responsible and not use the programme's benefits to oppress other community members.


Lyndung is a technology-based company that provides a fully digital solution. Lyndung, equipped with eKYC, sharing contribution overview, dashboard monitoring, and web-based apps, can easily be accessible to everyone, regardless of location, thanks to its online features.

Join Lyndung's big family and democratize the healthcare industry in Malaysia!

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Our Vision

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Malaysians' preferred medical bill sharing community

Our Mission

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To provide an opportunity for the community to experience health care facilities

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To provide affordable medical care

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To create a healthy and socially responsible community

Our Core Values

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Kindness is the act of being friendly and caring to each other. Lyndung, as a community sharing programme, will assist members in getting medical care by sharing costs.


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Integrity is the key of the programme. Lyndung highly value honesty and transparency as these will determined fairness among the members.


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Lyndung utilises technology to provide a better experience for our members. We employ technology to ensure innovation and creativity to provide the most excellent solutions.


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Lyndung values accountability as the members contribution determines the programme's success. Thus, being responsible for one action and words is essential.


Our Service Providers

Meet Our Valuable Service Providers!

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Eximius Medical Administration Solutions (e-MAS)

e-MAS is a recognised medical administration solution comprised of professional doctors that has been in the market for the past 25 years. e-MAS serves as a Third Party Administrator to ensure customers receive appropriate medical care and charge from professional medical auditors.

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Messrs Suraya Afiqah & Partners

Messrs Suraya Afiqah & Partners is the legal advisor for Lyndung Programme.

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Tawafuq Consultancy Sdn Bhd

Tawafuq is an Independent Global Shariah consultation firm approved by Shariah advisors under Security Commission of Malaysia (SCM). Tawafuq provides Shariah review service for Lyndung Programme structure to ensure customers receive products and services that comply with the Shariah standards.

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CTOS Data System Sdn. Bhd. (CTOS)

CTOS e-KYC is a secure and accessible digital identity verification with validated technology by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM). CTOS is an e-KYC provider for Lyndung to help customers experience a seamless onboarding session.

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Amanah Warisan Berhad (AWARIS)

AWARIS is a Shari'ah-Compliant trust institution registered under the Companies Act 2016 and Trust Companies Act 1949. AWARIS provides Lyndung with custodial services (safekeeping) of the sharing contribution fund.